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Medical & Dental Services

Medical Team

Adult Primary Care Services

We offer primary care services including wellness visits and management of chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma and myriad other health concerns. We coordinate with local specialists as appropriate and work with our patient advocate specialists to find the most cost effective options for prescriptions and other procedures.  

Baby's Clutch

Well Baby and Child Care

We provide general pediatric care including monitoring weight, growth and development of babies and children.  We approach a child's health and wellness through a holistic approach that partners with local preschools and the school system. 

Psychology Session

Mental Health

All patients are screened for mental health concerns and access to counseling and medication management has become increasingly integrated into our clinic. Several kinds of counselors meet with patients, sometimes on a walk in basis, with availability 5 days a week. A local psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse practitioner help manage medication needs. We appreciate our community collaborations with Bacon Street and Colonial Behavioral Health in our coordinated efforts to provide holistic patient care.

At the Pediatrician

School and Sports Physicals

Olde Towne provides school and sports physicals and works closely with local school nurses and sports teams.  To facilitate your visit, parents or guardians can fill out the first two pages of the appropriate form before their visit. 

Woman getting ultrasound

Women's Health and Prenatal Care

We provide family planning, gynecological specialty care and prenatal care to the women of our community. Expecting mothers are seen throughout their pregnancy and deliver at a local hospital. Contraception options include prescriptions sent to local pharmacies and Depo-provera injections and IUD placement in the clinic. 

Dental Surgery

Dental Care

We love to see our patients smile!  Dental services for ages 3 and up include cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, emergency care and prosthetics which include crowns and partials. 

Kids Doctor Checkup

Sick Visits and Urgent Care

We see new and established patients for sick visits including upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, STDs, musculoskeletal injuries, asthma exacerbations and other urgent care issues. We have onsite testing for pregnancy, strep throat, flu, COVID, hemoglobin, blood glucose and trichomoniasis. Patients with chest pain, severe abdominal pain, major head injuries and severe difficulty breathing should always be seen in the emergency room first. 



We offer an immunization clinic on Tuesdays that provides all school vaccinations and adult vaccinations including shingles (HZV), pneumonia and others. If you are coming for school immunizations you must bring all vaccination records available. If they are written in a foreign language, please provide translations if possible. For more information on the standard immunization schedule for children, please see the CDC website. 

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