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New Patients

If you are having chest pain, trouble breathing, or other emergent symptoms please go directly to the Emergency Room. 

Doctor's Appointment

Types of new patient visits

New patient visits include:

  • Establish care visits with medication refills and laboratory testing if needed.

    • We can discuss current concerns, health history and develop an initial plan for moving forward. Complete physicals and Pap tests are not done in an initial visit.

  • Sick or urgent care visits.

  • Dental exam and x-ray.

  • School or sports physicals.

  • Family planning counseling.

  • STD testing and treatment.

  • Hospital and emergency room follow ups.

  • Pregnancy tests (and if positive financial screening appointment would be scheduled for prenatal care).

We accept limited walk in patients without a medical appointment each business day on a first come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee a walk in appointment will be available on any given day or predict how long you may have to wait, it is suggested to call to check on availability of same day appointments.


The Dental Department does NOT have walk in appointments. Please call our office to arrange an appointment.

We see everyone regardless of insurance or financial status

Choose Which Situation Applies To You.

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